A N G E L I C A  G U E R R E R O 

Mexican Graphic Designer with a Masters in Arts, from the northern city of Chihuahua. Angelica has been involved with the arts all her life, painting since her childhood, experimenting with different media, from pencil colours to oil painting, and recently with objects like thread, resin, plastic items, wool and limestone.

She has seven group exhibitions: A work of Art! in London, U.K. (2019), The Fronteer Open 2018, in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, U.K. (2018), ARTbound’s Autumn Show in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, U.K. (2018), Figure exhibition at Cupola Art Gallery in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, U.K. (2018), Saltaire Arts Trail, in Saltaire Bradford, U.K. (2018), The North Cultures Museum, in the Archaeological Zone of Paquime, Casas Grandes, Mexico (2017) and, The inaugural exhibition at Nacho Guerrero Gallery in Chihuahua, Mexico (2012). And an individual exhibition in the University Cultural Auditorium in Chihuahua, Mexico (2015), with an exhibition, called Peace proposal, a pictorial exhibition with audio elements. 

She currently works in Leeds Art Gallery in West Yorkshire, UK.

Image: © Nacho Guerrero. All rights reserved